Closing Shop

I will for now, not be taking any orders. I have recently moved and am expecting a baby soon. This was so much fun for me to do, but at the same time very exhasting. It takes so much of my time and I would like to spend more of that time with my family. I regret disappointing my long time customers who are faithful and keep ordering from me, but I hope you understand. I wish you all the best and hope you have a great year!!

Family Home Evening Boards

These can be done on a 8X24 board or a 6X14 board

My friend saw this Chalkboard version at Deseret Book and I added their family name at the bottom for an extra special personal touch.

Wood Blocks

I did these for my daughters preschool so each child would have their own name block right in front of their desk.

"Beautiul Kitchen" in Italian.

I have this in my kids bathroom to let them know each day when they see it how much I love them!!

Wine Stuff



I saw this cute pumpkin at JoAnn's and had to spruce it up a bit!!